Most Common Hawaii Wedding Mistakes you Need to Avoid

Planning Hawaii weddings can be extremely stressful. There is a lot to consider while planning a Hawaii wedding. If arrangements are not done carefully, then you may not enjoy a relaxing wedding. Here are a few most common Hawaii wedding day mistakes that all couples need to avoid for an intimate and romantic wedding in Hawaii.


Consider Hair and Makeup: Couples spend most of the time trying to enhance their look, not on the venues and guest welcome. Brides spend a lot of money on their dresses, many hours to find a beautician and more time to find hair and makeup ideas. We think that two or three hours are more than enough to be ready for the wedding ceremony but this is not true. Many brides spend around 6 to 7 hours to create a perfect look for their wedding ceremony. It is advisable to spend time on wedding venues, ceremony arrangements and guest welcome not only on makeup and hair setting.

Eating Very Less or Drinking A Lot: It’s your wedding in Hawaii! The most awaited and special moment of your life! So, it is imperative to eat and don’t sit with an empty stomach. Eat any snacks, food or your favorite dishes to spice up your wedding day. With an empty stomach, you can’t enjoy your special day. And one thing more! Don’t drink much champagne. We know it’s the time to celebrate. But drinking much can cause an unpleasant experience and embarrassing time for your special day.

Handling Everything Yourself: Most couples appreciate having full control of each part of the wedding, and some may even find that sorting out a wedding isn’t as dreary as they thought. When it comes down to the real day, nonetheless, they get themselves overpowered as the feelings and push all start to heap up. A few ladies delegate tasks to the house keeper of honor, yet the best thing to do would be to procure a “day of” or “week of” wedding planner. Overlooking that planner is really among the greatest oversights couples make. Try not to stress, no one is scrutinizing your wedding arrangements – everybody realizes that you could utilize a touch of assistance on the genuine day!

Planning a destination wedding in Hawaii can prove to be highly stressful than most other weddings, and you need to make sure that you don’t get pressurized. By effectively preparing for the big day, your wedding will go off without a hassle, no matter where in the world you are getting hitched.  Hiring professional wedding planners can turn boring and stressful Hawaii weddings to romantic and intimate ones in a hassle-free manner. Add fun and excitement to your wedding day with special arrangements including guest welcome, live music, and photography!